4 Improvements to Make to Your Car Before Selling it

Unless you plan on driving your car into the ground, you’re probably going to want to sell it or trade it in at some point. If that’s the plan, then you might want to think about keeping your car in good shape. Here are some improvements you can make to your car to help boost its resale value.

Tinting Your Car Windows 

Tinting your car windows can add some value to your car and has many benefits. Not only does it add privacy to the vehicle, it helps reduce fade of the interior, blocks UV rays, protects the glass, and keeps the car cooler. Tinted windows can actually block up to 79% of solar heat, keeping your car cooler and helping you cut down on AC use and therefore the costs of cooling your car.

Address Windshield Cracks

Speaking of your windows, you should make sure they’re all in good shape before you try to sell or trade in your car. If there are any chips or cracks in your windshield, it’s best to repair them because many buyers will mentally knock off the price of your car if you leave the damage as is.

New Headlights

Old, dingy, worn out headlights really say a lot about your car. What they’re saying is that your car looks old and worn out too. You can do a number of things to fix this issue. First, you can try some headlight cleaning products on the market that can make plastic headlight covers look clear and bright again. You can also replace the headlight bulbs for a bright look. Doing both can seriously maximize your efforts, and it doesn’t cost that much.

Fix Dents, Scratches, and Dings

If you have several dings or dents in your car, especially if they’re obvious, it can seriously hurt the appearance of your vehicle. Removing the dents and fixing the scratches is relatively affordable, and you’ll be saving the buyer the headache of taking the car to the body shop after you make the exchange.

Before you sell or trade in your car, make your vehicle look the best it possibly can so you can get the most money for it. If you’re interested in tinting your car windows, give us a call today!