Window Tinting Installer Job Opening

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Window Tint Installer

Cornerstone Tint and Paint Protection | 6420 W. 110 St. #100 | Overland Park / Kansas City, KS 66211

Job Description

We are looking to hire an experienced window tinter to accurately measure, cut, and apply tint to our customers’ vehicle windows. You will be required to use a tint program to input the vehicle specifications, expertly cut the tint to the correct size, and apply the tinting on the vehicle with extreme precision. To ensure success as a window tinter, you should exhibit a strong work ethic, show incredible attention to detail, and work quickly without compromising installation quality. Ultimately, a top-class window tinter can expertly fit tinting to any vehicle window with extreme accuracy.


Using the shop tinting software program to input the vehicle window specifications; Removing dirt and debris from windows; Applying window primer before fitting the tint; Cutting tint using authorized techniques; Applying and smoothing tint onto vehicle windows; Smoothing out imperfections; Updating system with job information and completion date; Stripping and removing old window tinting; Maintaining a clean and tidy work area; Assisting Auto Glass Technician when necessary.


Full Time

Monday – Friday | 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.