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Reducing heat, glare, controlling hot spots and keeping customers comfortable are a few of the reasons why building engineers, architects, interior designers and property managers choose commercial glass tinting. With heat rejection as high as 82%, UV protection as high as 99.9% and 10+ year commercial warranties that not only protect the film but also today’s modern glass systems.

Window film is one of the best investments you can make to your commercial property. In fact, commercial glass tinting makes managing and lowering your overall HVAC costs quite possible. The newest technology, being Ceramic films and Dual-Reflective films, will never fade and allows building occupants to safely view the outside world, even at night.


Installing window film can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your property. We offer exterior films that not only reduce your utility costs but give you the modern commercial look that only new construction offers.

Cornerstone Window Tinting offers Avery Dennison Hanita Tek commercial grade window films. The clarity and quality of this brand is by far the best in our opinion. From time to time we work with other specialty and designer films such as Johnson, SunTek, and Solyx. White Frost, Black Out, Dual Reflective, Neutral and even clear Ceramic films are available.

The Sun will eventually destroy everything over time, just think about the paint on older vehicles or the siding on a home. Harmful UV rays can and will ruin the inside of your building. Exposed carpet, hardwood floors, drapes, and furniture are always at risk. Commercial window film is the only product that offers your office protection against harmful UV rays yet still allows you to enjoy natural sunlight. Our safety, security, and anti-graffiti films can even offer additional protection.

If you have an office building located in the Kansas City metro area and need a commercial window film service, contact our experts today.


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