Window film is one of the best investments you can make to your commercial property. In fact, commercial glass tinting makes managing and lowering your overall HVAC costs quite possible. The newest technology, being Ceramic films and Dual-Reflective films, will never fade and allows building occupants to safely view the outside world, even at night.

Cornerstone Window Tinting offers XPEL Vision commercial grade window films. The clarity and quality of this brand is by far the best in our opinion and is in a league of its own, not to mention they have an excellent warranty. From time to time we work with other specialty and designer films such as Avery-Dennison, Johnson, SunTek, 3m and Solyx. White Frost, Black Out, Dual Reflective, Neutral and even clear Ceramic films are available.

CLEAR VIEW PLUS SERIES available in 40%, 55%, 70% VLT. Clear View Plus is a multi-layered film with industry leading spectrally selective technology to keep the heat out while letting the visible light in. Superior heat rejection with low solar absorption.

CLEAR VIEW SERIES available in 50%, 60% VLT. Clear View is a sputtered ceramic film which provides high heat rejection with low visible light reflection.

SILVER SERIES available in 20%, 30%, and 45% VLT. With the exterior reflectivity of this product, you can sit back and relax with privacy as well as block solar heat, keep comfortable and save on energy costs.

BRONZE SERIES available in 20% and 35% VLT. Enjoy an enhanced view of scenery outside with the soft color tone that is calm to the eyes with the great glare and heat reduction.

NEUTRAL SERIES AND DAYLIGHT in 20%, 35% and 60% VLT. When you need to block heat and reduce glare without sacrificing your view the Daylight is a perfect choice

CRYSTAL CLEAR in 70% VLT. Engineered to minimize solar energy absorption with the use of spectrally selective technology, this product keeps the heat out with a nearly transparent film.

DUAL REFLECTIVE SERIES One Way 5% and Evening view available in 15%, 25%, 35%, and 45% VLT. Very high exterior reflectivity and the low reflective interior view creates a one-way mirror look.


Our XPEL Vision Solar Film combines heat rejection with security film features to keep you safer and more comfortable. Our Solar Film Series are available in Clear View, Clear View Plus, Daylight, Crystal Clear, Bronze, Silver, Evening View, and One Way.

A virtually clear film with 99% UV filtration, our VISION Safety Film is a great solution to secure glass in the event of breakage. Our safety films are available in optically clear 4 mil and 7 mil thicknesses.

Meant to deter or greatly decrease the speed and effectiveness of a burglary or unlawful intrusion, our Vision Security film is a name you can most certainly trust. Our security films are available in 8 mil, 12 mil, 15 mil thicknesses.


This film helps to protect glass that could be vulnerable to vandalism by graffiti or scratching. Our anti-graffiti films are available in 4 mil and 6 mil thicknesses. They are also available for interior and/or exterior application.


When an interior installation is simply not possible or accessible, or if you have an office building that you would like to change the complete exterior appearance of our exterior film is a great choice. Exterior film is unique in that it is installed on the exterior of the glass whereas 90% of films are installed on the innermost surface... hence the name "exterior".


For privacy with a decorative touch, our DESIGNER series offers a frosted or etched look while also allowing natural daylight through. This option is perfect for conference rooms or offices. For an added cost, we can even cut your company logo into the film providing a very nice custom look for a fraction of the price of custom etched glass.


We also offer non-transparent Whiteout and Blackout options as well.


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