Automotive Paint Protection Film Packages

There’s one thing that’s completely unavoidable when purchasing a new car.

In due time, your highly expensive investment is going to get rock chips on the hood, fenders, mirrors and bumper.

You can drive as slowly and carefully as possible. You can wash and wax your car every other day. You can keep a safe following distance from other cars on the road, but sooner than later, the inevitable will happen and you’ll begin to notice all of the imperfections that road debris can cause. Take preemptive measures and receive a paint protection film installation from Cornerstone Window Tinting in the greater Kansas City area.

Touch up paint just doesn’t quite restore that beautiful factory paint that you once had. Professional repainting can be very costly and doesn’t prevent the problem of road debris from happening again once your car is back on the road.


Fortunately, now there’s an affordable and preventative solution: paint protection film, otherwise known as automotive clear bra.


Paint Protection Film works as an invisible shield over your vehicle’s factory paint. It protects your vehicle from road debris, bugs, and various other potential damages. The best part about an automotive clear bra is that it doesn’t change your vehicle’s original design or color.

Cornerstone has several options for you in the area of PPF. Everything from full and partial hood coverage to bumpers, door cups, fenders, headlights, rocker panels, door edges, mirrors and your trunk or hatch door cargo ledge. We can even do full body coverage should you need complete paint coverage.


Our highly trained technicians are ready to serve you. CALL TO ASK US ABOUT OUR VEHICLE SPECIFIC PAINT PROTECTION PACKAGES.

Why a GOOD and PROFESSIONAL Installation is CRITICAL...
When choosing a company to install paint protection on your vehicle... It's absolutely critical to choose a company that knows what they're doing, has been certified and also has a great reputation for quality installations.
If you don't choose wisely, the results could be catastrophic to your car... costing you a LOT of money in repairs!
We have seen improperly wrapped edges resulting in lifting which ultimately collect dirt underneath, resulting in extensive paint damage. We've also seen many instances of blades being used to cut the film resulting in damaged and cut paint (usually around emblems) Watch the slideshow below to see some of the damage we have observed done to cars by "professional" shops.
DON'T GET FOOLED BY A CHEAP PRICE - As with most things, if it's cheap, the quality is probably going to reflect that.
Below is a comparison video of a Tesla Model 3 that was brought to us that had paint protection film installed somewhere else. The owner ultimately "saved" $150 by going to a somewhat well-known competitor only to have to spend MUCH more in repairs to their paint after it was severely damaged with a razor blade.
At the end of the video, you will see another vehicle, a Honda Civic Type R that we installed paint protection film on shortly after this for an install comparison.
PPF Paint Protection Film Coverage Xpel Suntek