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Decorative Window Film

With modern advancements in window film technology and the need for privacy in many office buildings, decorative window film has become an increasing favorite for many interior designers, commercial contractors as well as commercial glass companies.


Cornerstone is also an authorized dealer of SOLYX® window film. SOLYX® films come in a variety of styles to accommodate your specific needs. Additionally, when we perform our commercial window frosting services, we only use film that’s made from high quality materials.

We can also print on our decorative window film should you need a custom logo or graphic.
Some options may include:

  • Storefronts

  • Office Conference Rooms

  • Glass Booths

  • Mirrors

  • Sliding Glass Doors

  • Archways

  • Custom Logos

  • Etched Glass Look

  • Frosted Glass Look

  • Company Logos

And virtually any other glass surface.

Feel free to browse the SOLYX® catalog to see their many options.

If you’re ready to schedule commercial window frosting services in the surrounding Kansas City area, give Cornerstone a call. You may also contact us with any questions! 

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